Maintenance rewards, Refer and Earn

 Maintenance Rewards

Maintenance rewards are easy and for every successful referral you provide we will reward you.

If you are an existing maintenance client, Poolwise would like to reward you for your loyalty


Reward Program Terms and Conditions:

1.  If you are an existing maintenance client and introduce your neighbour, friend or family member, for swimming pool maintenance and they sign up for a maintenance contract, we will credit you with the value of the new completed maintenance contract, for one month.

2.  For example, we currently perform weekly maintenance on your swimming pool and it costs you R750.00 per month, through your introduction, we sign up a new client and the maintenance for their pool costs R750.00 per month, we will credit that amount against your account.

3.  Should the new successfully signed contract value be higher than your current contract cost, we will then pass a credit to you for the higher value. This credit would be used to offset the costs of your contract charges.

4.  The reward to you cannot be redeemed for cash. The reward will only become effective as soon as the new introduction has signed a maintenance contract with Poolwise and that the contract has actually begun.

5.  Should a number of clients refer the same person, the first referee will benefit from the reward.

6.  The more successful contracts you provide us, the more credits you can earn with Poolwise.

7.  In the event of any conflict, Poolwise reserves the right to withhold loyalty credits until the conflict has been resolved and all relevant parties have been informed of the outcome.

8.  Should the referee’s account be in arrears, Poolwise will offset the reward against any outstanding fees on the referee’s account relating to maintenance services.

9.  A referee may only be a current existing maintenance client and may not be a past non-active maintenance client

10. Poolwise may at any stage withdraw this offer and this offer may only be for a limited duration.

11. The new contract must be in our normal coverage area(s)

12. This offer is currently only available to non commercial clients and excludes any commercial pools.