Reimagine your swimming pool

Apart from your garden, your swimming pool is normally the focal point of your home.  As with all things, your swimming pool does require a certain amount of upkeep and from time to time, the surface of your swimming pool becomes unsightly and needs to be refurbished.

Your swimming pool will either have a marble plaster or fiber glass finish and either can be easily renewed.  Our team of refurbishment experts have been trained in all of the necessary requirements to ensure that no matter which resurfacing option you choose, they will be able to guide and assist you in getting it right.

Poolwise offers complete refurbishment of your swimming pool. We only use SABS approved materials.

In the case of Fiber lining your pool we use.

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Poolwise refurbishment Supercrews are highly trained in the application of fiberglass products.

Follow our refurbishment process on how we do it.

What to expect when we assist you in reimagining your pool?

     >>   Careful planning between Poolwise and yourself on start dates and expected completion of the project.

     >>   Creation of a WhatsApp group where you will kept up to date on all aspects of your project.

     >>   Should you have other contractors on site, Poolwise will ensure that there is close working with them.

     >>   Expertly trained staff who are working on your pool.

     >>   Weather can sometimes cause delays in the project completion date, but we will ensure that you are kept informed.

     >>   Ensuring that when we go home in the evening, the site is clean and tidy.

     >>   Company owners have a vested interest in the progress of your project so they will always be involved.

     >>   Complete balancing of the pool water after pool is refilled.

     >>   A hand over document which outlays our guarantee and how it works.

     >>   Extension of your guarantee cover, by allowing Poolwise to Maintain your pool.

Saving your current pool water for reuse

Poolwise is committed to our natural resources, so we will offer you a simple but effective means of saving water.

We have partnered with Poolwater Storage to help you save thousands of Rand in unnecessary water bills.
Pool water storage

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All we need is a 6m x 6m place to place the bladders that will retain the current water from your pool.

Marble Plaster Refurbishment

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