Maintenance & Services


Maintenance of your Pool

Poolwise has the teams in place to provide the very best in pool maintenance throughout the Ballito North Coast. We'll handle everything from the water testing and chemical treatment to sweeping and backwashing, all inclusive of the monthly charge. If we detect a problem, we'll contact you and suggest a solution. Each time your pool is serviced, our "Maintenance Super Crew" will complete a comprehensive Job Sheet so you'll know exactly what was done. The Job Sheet includes the contact details of our Quality Controller and we encourage you to call with any queries or to just say "Hi". For our out-of-town customers we will gladly provide photos on request.


Problem Pool Sorted! A true story.

A local complex had all but given up trying to get their pool back to a blue and swimmable state before the holiday season.

The complex approached Poolwise for help.  Our "Maintenance Super Crew" transformed this very large pool (120 000 litres) from green to blue in a few days.

The progress will be faster or slower depending on the weather. In this case, daily attention over ten days resolved the bad state of this swimming pool.

Continued monitoring and care will keep this pool in a beautiful state on an ongoing basis.

Poolwise can do the same for your problem pool!


  • Before
  • During
  • After


 Water Testing

Testing your pool water is an essential part of maintaining a healthy pool.  Poolwise stocks all of the required testing equipment and chemical treatments. We're experts at sorting cloudy water issues.  For instant analysis, bring in a water sample (about 300ml in a clean container) and we will test it and supply you with the products to solve any problem.