Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Let us maintain your pool for you!

Owning a swimming pool is a really sweet deal. There is nothing better than enjoying your investment during the hot summer days.

But like most good things, a swimming pool requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention to detail.  Even if you are a do-it-yourself person, let someone else look after it for you.

Weekly visits from our team of experts will ensure that at all times, your pool remains chemically balanced. Poolwise offers you affordable swimming pool maintenance.

So why Poolwise for swimming pool maintenance?

Poolwise essentially has collectively  over 150 years experience in maintaining of swimming pools. Poolwise maintains close to 300 pools per week. We have unrestricted access into a number of estates. Poolwise has a large fleet of vehicles. Technology drives our business and this is used to keep you updated.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Poolwise currently have four dedicated team assigned to maintenance. The coverage areas are as follows:

Poolwise Maintenance coverage

Ballito and South - Ballito, Westbrook, Tongaat, Umhlanga Rocks

Zimbali Costal Estate - A dedicated team and vehicle servicing the Zimbali Costal estate. Permamently in the estate

Simbithi and surrounds - Simbithi Echo Estate, Dunkirk Estate, Salt Rock

Northern suburbs - Palm Lakes, Sheffield Beach, Brettenwood Coastal Estate, Zinkwazi, Blythdale, Prince's Grant Golfing Estate


How does the process work

In most instances, Poolwise will service your pool once per week. Should you feel that you would like additional services, these can be arranged. We have set days that the team are in a specific area so your pool will be serviced on those days.

Public Holiday? No stress. When a public holiday occurs, we deploy extra teams to service your pool either the day before or the day after the holiday


Our responsibilities relating to maintenance cover the following:

Brush and vacuum the pool.
Backwash the filter.
Clean baskets.
Check water balances.
Ensure that the pump house is neat and tidy.
Ensure that the Pool cleaner is working correctly.
Report any issues and provide a quotation on repairing the issues.






Using Technology to keep you informed

Poolwise makes use of WhatsApp as a standard communications tool. For each and every visit, we will inform you of the following:

Arrival time - We will send you a Pin Drop to prove we are here

Condition of the pool on arrival - We will send you photos of your pool condition upon arrival

Chemical Readings - We will send you a photo of the chemical readings of your pool

Baskets are cleaned - We will send you a photo showing that all baskets have been cleaned and are in order

Photo of your pool after maintenance - We will send you a photo of the swimming pool after we have completed the maintenance

Photo of the pumphouse  - We will send you a photo to show you all is clean

Report any issues - In the event of the team discovering an issue, we will report it back on the group.

Monitoring of all services - Both our Ballito and Salt Rock stores, monitor the various groups on a live basis. This is to ensure quality control

Satellite tracking of vehicles - We track all our vehicles to ensure they are working




As a maintenance client, you can earn rewards.

Interested? Just follow this link

Poolwise would love to welcome you on board and join our growing list of satisfied clients. So contact us without delay and we will come out and sign you up.