Critical Terms and Conditions


Summary of critical terms and conditions of this quotation and sale.

1. All quotes are subject to Poolwise cc Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is provided and made available on the Company’s website 

2. No work on this quotation will be planned or will commence until this quotation is fully signed and initialled and the deposit has cleared the banking system, after which the client will be advised of an approximate commencement date and processes to be followed.

3. All products / workmanship hold a warranty in terms of the Poolwise standard warranty or as stated above. A copy of the Poolwise signed warranty may be obtained from ourselves upon request. All Poolwise products carry a manufacturer’s warranty, which can be clarified if required.

4. This warranty shall only become effective upon full payment to Poolwise for the work rendered and our final completion document fully signed off.

5. This warranty when exercised, does not cover incidental or consequential costs (e.g. water and chemical replacement, paving or decking or other allied costs)

6. Above costs become payable on vacation of the site and / or presentation of the final invoice.

7. Our workmanship and services presumes that the client will provide fully treated water from the local authorities for our use. We are not responsible for the provision of water in the completion of our duties. Should any water other than fully treated water be used by the client or at the client’s request, we cannot be held responsible of consequential costs relating thereto. Any associated costs will be billable and payable by the client. E.g. Additional water treatment other than our initial Starter Pack of Chemicals, Stains on the surface of the pool, Debris or sand removal etc.

8. Should the client refuse to pay their account within 30 days, they will be responsible for the cost of the Debt Collector or Legal Costs (unless prior arrangements have been made).

9. This quotation is valid for 30 (thirty) days only. However, it is subject to any price increases which may be imposed on Poolwise cc over which it has no control and which would affect the cost of completing the work required.

10. Our standard terms of payment are as follows: A deposit of 50% is due on acceptance of this quotation unless stated otherwise in the quotation above. A further 25% drawing will be due half way through the contract with the 25% balance due on presentation of the final invoice.

11. Payment should be made to the following account, and proof of payment sent to our accounts department by email: Poolwise CC Nedbank – Ballito Account Number 1091757925 Universal Branch Code 198765

12. Poolwise shall be entitled to amend or revise this quotation, even after acceptance, in the event of any additional work required due to unforeseen or hidden defects or site conditions not obvious at the time of quoting, or which became apparent during construction.

13. In the event of the above, a further quotation will be provided, which will be due and payable in addition to the original quotation provided under the same terms and conditions of payment.

14. If client causes a delay in commencement of work and this has a direct impact on products exceeding their sell-by dates, the additional costs of new products will be for that of the client.

15. Please ensure that all items of value are removed from or around the area pertaining to work being carried out, as Poolwise will not be responsible for items damaged, lost or stolen whilst on site.

16. Although we act responsibly, we cannot be held liable for any damage incurred or caused during our operations to electrical cables, storm water pipes, water pipes or any other system. Repair of this damage and costs incurred will be for the owner’s account.

17. All of the above products utilized in the above contract remain the property of Poolwise until full payment has been received.

18. Poolwise products can be hazardous and will be applied with care and in line with product specifications, but Poolwise cannot be held accountable should accidental spills occur.

19. The Client is responsible for any injury or damages caused to our staff through animals or pets on site.

20. Toilet facilities are to be made available to our staff on site. 


Updated 07th June 2019